Thursday, September 24, 2015

Food literacy month + haikus = mouth-watering fun!

Governor Jay Inslee proclaimed September Food Literacy Month here in Washington state. The objectives are to "promote food education, inspire food choices that are good for people and good for the planet, encourage parental involvement, and motivate communitywide support." 

We honored this proclamation by using books to spark conversation in Kindergarten through 3rd grade about the impact of food choices, awareness of where our food comes from, appreciation for those who help bring food to our tables, and the importance of being open to trying new foods.

An especially inspirational and informative book was Jacqueline Briggs Martin's Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table from local publisher and food literacy advocates, Readers to Eaters. It tells the true story of a professional basketball player who saw a need in the community and worked tirelessly, using his expertise and drawing people together, to make tremendous things happen. This story connected well with our own school garden and composting initiative.

In 2nd and 3rd grades we used the lively and colorful Yum! MmMm! QuĂ© Rico! Americas' Sproutings by Pat Mora to create our own food haiku, accompanied by Tagxedo word clouds. Here are a few for you to enjoy!

Party in your mouth
A burst of herbs on my tongue
It says, “Eat me now!”
- Audrey

Sweet burst in your mouth
Happy passion, bumpy seeds
Red and white makes pink.
- Kyson

Yummy cheesy bits
Shredded bits of parmesan
Bubbling cheese bread

- Nathan