Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Publishing children's writing

Over the years many students and their parents have asked about options for publishing children's writing. I wanted to bring your attention to two magazines that publish work by young people:

Stone Soup
Stone Soup is unique among children’s magazines — it’s the only magazine made up entirely of the creative work of children. Young people ages 8 to 13 contribute their stories, poems, book reviews, and artwork to Stone Soup. Since 1973, Stone Soup has provided inspiration to young writers and artists all over the world.

New Moon Girls
Our bi-monthly magazine is forty-nine pages of 100% advertising-free, highest-quality content for girls ages 8-12! You won't find diet advice or popularity contests here.New Moon Girls magazine is about helping girls discover and honor their true selves, engage in meaningful pursuits and dialogue, and express their voices in ways that matter.

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