Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer brain stretchers!

A parent recently asked for some educational websites for her child to explore over the summer. I have hunted down a few - but can't resist sharing some more book titles as well (be sure to check out the summer reading list too)!

Remember all the great databases our school subscribes to (see the menu on the left). Explore the world through CultureGrams, with its tidbits of information about countries and states, audio files and more. As a child I loved lying around with volumes of the encyclopedia spread out before me. Today's kids can surf their way through World Book Online!

For more summer activities, click on labels such as “writing” and “online games” (from the "labels" menu on the left) to view previous blog entries.


  • The Philosophers' Club by Christopher Phillips
  • Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything by Eve Drobot
  • Story puzzles (folklore riddles from around the world) collected in various volumes by George Shannon: True Lies, Stories to Solve, More Stories to Solve, etc.

Educational websites:

The Problem Site

Games for the Brain

Math Doodles


Free Rice

Want to Write?

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