Friday, February 5, 2010

KCLS cards for all second graders!

Next Thursday during library classes, 2nd grade student will receive their own King County Library System card! This will allow them to borrow some of the millions of books, magazines, DVDs and other resources available through our impressive local library system. They will also be able to access an incredible array of online databases which are full of useful information for homework as well as just for fun (language learning, history, world cultures, science, etc.).

Before students can use their cards they must be activated in person at one of the many KCLS locations. Children must be accompanied by a parent who has a photo ID and proof of residence in King County (e.g. a utility bill). An information sheet with details will accompany each card and stretchy wrist band.

Students who already have a public library card need not take another one, but may do so if they wish. The cards are not activated so bringing one home will not affect an existing account.

Please feel free to contact the school library (library at ows dot org) if you have any questions!

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