Monday, May 3, 2010

Dragons and food and Greek gods, oh my! Summer camps with Ms. Simeon!

Looking for something fun to do this summer? I'm teaching three summer camps at Open Window School and would love to see you there! There is some flexibility in the ages admitted, so if you'd like to participate and are slightly older or younger than the age range given, call us anyway. Please invite friends and relatives who aren't OWS students - everyone is welcome!

Week 1, July 6-9: Dragons Galore!
For students entering 2nd & 3rd grades
Love dragons? If so, this is the class for you. We will read dragon stories, learn dragon lore, explore the history of dragon beliefs around the world, and create dragon-inspired art!

Week 2, July 12-16: Eat Your Way Around the World
For students entering 2nd & 3rd grades
Come on a trip around the world as we create and enjoy delicious dishes from every corner of the globe, explore the cultures that created them, and learn fun facts about the history of the foods we eat.

Week 3, July 19-23: Myths - Makin' 'em and Breakin' 'em (with Mr. Goodman)
For students entering 4th-8th grades
Spend half of the day with Ms. Simeon, who will guide you through a virtual tour of Mount Olympus, from Athena to Zeus. You’ll get to know the Greek gods, write myths of your own, and learn about the amazing civilization of the Ancient Greeks. During the other half of your day, work with Mr. Goodman busting and breaking down some less classic, but equally familiar myths. We’ll use our engineering minds and the scientific method to separate fact from fiction.

Questions? Contact me at library at ows dot org, call the school (425-747-2911) and ask for Stefanie Johnson, or download the application form.

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