Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Biographies - not just for history buffs!

One of the most interesting ways to learn about history is through biographies. They give a personal, close-up look at events that may be less captivating when viewed at a more macro level. Young people often find much to admire and identify with in the struggles of various historical personages as well.

I've also found that students who strongly prefer to read fiction will often embrace biographies because they describe people's lives in story form. Improving non-fiction reading comprehension skills is another benefit of reading biographies! Even strong fiction readers can benefit from practice in reading more non-fiction.

Check out this great Top 10 Biographies for Youth from 2010 list. It includes books for grades 1-12. The menu on the bottom left-hand side of this website also has links to many other notable fiction and non-fiction awards!

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