Monday, August 2, 2010

The joys of summer reading

What's on your summer reading list? My tottering piles of books represent only a fraction of my actual "to read" list! However, one of the joys of the slower pace of summertime living is sneaking in more opportunities to read - on a park bench, on an airplane, anywhere I find myself with a spare moment or two...

A book for parents that I'm currently reading is The New Global Student by Maya Frost. I've only just begun it, but am quite intrigued by her family's adventures abroad. I'm also in the middle of a suspenseful mystery novel for middle schoolers, Rescuing Seneca Crane by Susan Runholt. It's the second in the Kari and Lucas series about two very intrepid young women who find adventure in the most unexpected places.

School Library Journal recently asked a few notable children's and young adult authors what they're reading this summer. Check out their answers - maybe you'll see some books on their lists that you want to read too!

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