Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boys and Comics: More Than Meets the Eye!

A recent study by the Canadian Council on Learning reinforces a lot of observations I've made over the years about the reading habits of many boys. The short version? Boys like reading comics. Boys who read comics also read more overall. Comics enhance literacy skills.

It's worth looking at the original article or at least the summary,
Comics Are Key to Promoting Literacy in Boys, Study Says. Both contain valuable information about gender differences in reading, common myths about the value of comics/graphic novels, and the many ways in which comics can be used to enhance education.

Wondering where to start looking?

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...and my previous blog posts on this topic.

Grownups, don't get left out of the fun! Some of my favorite reads have been graphic novel memoirs such as Raymond Briggs' Ethel and Ernest, Craig Thompson's Blankets and David Small's Stitches.

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