Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KCLS: Our local gem!

Did you know that the King County Library System is not only the nation's busiest (circulating over 22 million items last year), but was also named Library of the Year by Library Journal for its outstanding service to the community?

Read all about it in the official announcement and check out the KCLS news release. Maybe you'll be surprised at all the wonderful services, events and resources that are right at our fingertips and in our neighborhoods!

No school library can ever compete with a great public library system, which is why an integral part of information literacy lessons for OWS and Vista students is learning about and encouraging use of KCLS resources. By becoming familiar with all the public library has to offer at a young age, students will be set for life since the library enriches and offers tremendous value to the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Following up on last week's post about video contests, check out the talented teen winners of the Why I Need My Library video competition.

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