Thursday, February 28, 2013

Roland Smith!

Yesterday our middle school students had a fantastic visit with Pacific Northwest author, Roland Smith! He shared a lifetime of experiences as a zookeeper, wildlife biologist and well-traveled author. Roland had many nuggets of wisdom to share, urging students to write about what they care passionately about, to read (and read some more!), to do thorough research before beginning to write, and to make time daily for the practice of writing - and revision! He also gave them many practical tips that will help them take their bright ideas and life experiences and turn them into full-length books.
In addition to writing numerous adventure fiction books, including an entry in the popular 39 Clues series, Roland's achievements include coordinating the rescue of sea otters following the Exxon Valdez oil spill and spearheading the successful reintroduction of the critically endangered red wolf to the wild (the first time a carnivorous species had been successfully returned to the wild).
Roland kept our students and teachers enthralled throughout the day and we were very happy to welcome him to Open Window School!

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