Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book apps!

Do any of you use book apps? I've been hearing more and more about them lately, for example in this interview with author, artist and book app designer, Roxie Munro. She talks about what kinds of books work particularly well as apps, what to look for (and avoid!) in book apps, and also what the research says about how apps can best promote literacy for the youngest users.

Want to see how a book app is made? Roxie shares this link to the studio that took one of her maze books from print to iPad! They show step-by-step how much work goes into developing a high quality book app.

Planet App, a School Library Journal article, is a couple of years old, but has some good recommendations and suggestions for how to evaluate picture book apps.

And for you older readers, check out this Teen Book App that will put great book suggestions at your fingertips!

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