Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our 3rd & 4th grade book club: Ramin Ganeshram's Stir It Up!

This year our 3rd & 4th grade book club choice was Stir It Up! by Ramin Ganeshram. I chose this book thinking it would resonate with our students - and it certainly did! Stir It Up! tells the story of Anjali, a Trinidadian American girl of Asian Indian descent growing up in New York City. She is a talented and passionate cook who dreams of becoming a celebrity chef. But she is torn by her love and loyalty to her family who have worked hard starting over in America so that she can get a great education. Becoming a chef seems like a let-down compared to going to the academically exclusive Stuyvesant High School. What happens when Anjali has to choose between taking the Stuyvesant entrance exam and auditioning for a Food Network show? Read the book and find out!
Students role playing a crucial scene between Anjali and her parents.

Take a look at some of these wonderful letters students wrote to Ms. Ganeshram! The original book is sprinkled with mouth-watering recipes from Trinidad, as well as creative ones for success, inspiration, etc.  



Ramin said...

Hi Ms. Simeon and Kids

I want you to know that I got your letters and enjoyed them all! I haven't had a chance to respond--but I will! You might even find a video response coming your way!

You'll hear from me soon and thank you for reading my book!

Ramin Ganeshram

Laura Simeon said...

Thank you so much - the kids will be absolutely thrilled! So glad you found our school library blog and thanks for taking the time to write!