Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Julia Donaldson: The New Children's Laureate!

The list of British Children's Laureates includes some of my personal favorite authors and the most recent addition, Julia Donaldson, is no exception! I was so pleased to see a recent article announcing her appointment.

Best known for her beloved Gruffalo picture books, Donaldson is also the prolific author of chapter books for beginning readers, middle grade students and teens - not to mention plays, poems and songs!

She is a busy woman overflowing with creativity, which will serve her well in her tenure as she devotes the next two years to promoting literacy, supporting libraries and generally spreading the joy of reading. If you only know her for the Gruffalo, you are in for a treat as you explore some of her other writing.

In the US, we have a National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. In case you missed it, check out this earlier blog post about Katherine Paterson!

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