Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Create a Culture of Reading at Home

This week I'd like to share my guest post on the Mothering magazine blog entitled Create a Culture of Reading at Home. It addresses some of the questions I have been most frequently asked over the years and I hope you will find it interesting and helpful!


Kerrin Scott said...

Laura- What a wonderful article! Great reminders on how to foster the love of reading at home- even for us bookworms! I hadn't considered how rewarding reading could hint that it is something that may not be enjoyable. Food for thought, for sure!

Laura Simeon said...

Thanks, Kerrin! I appreciate your taking the time to read it (and comment)! Alfie Kohn's "Punished by Rewards" is also very thought-provoking. There are times and situations when limited, considered use of incentives can be very helpful. But there are other times when it backfires by undermining intrinsic motivation. Whether you're an Alfie fan or not, I think this book is one that parents and educators should read and discuss.