Friday, September 2, 2011

New this year in Vista: The Nook!

E-readers are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! In late August I purchased a dozen Nook e-readers for use by our Vista students. They will allow us to get new releases into the hands of students much more quickly than before and make multiple copies of hot new titles easily accessible without taking up a lot of shelf space.

Information you need to know:

• Nooks may be borrowed by Vista students with parental permission. The E-reader Appropriate Use Policy form is available on my Vista Sharepoint site and will be sent to families via email along with other Vista news the week before school starts.

• Families are financially liable for replacement and repair costs due to damage or loss while the Nook is checked out in their student’s name.

• Nooks may be borrowed for 3 weeks. Students may place holds on them just as they do with print books.

• The Nooks will be preloaded with books for a middle school audience purchased by Ms. Simeon (who welcomes additional requests from students)!

• Students may download e-books they borrow from the public library, however they may not purchase additional titles or delete or modify titles already on the Nook.

Have more questions? Contact Ms. Simeon anytime at library at ows dot org!

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