Friday, March 9, 2012

Skype author visit

Today, for the penultimate meeting of our 3rd and 4th grade Global Studies Book Club which meets during lunch recess, students got to Skype with Wendy Shang, author of The Great Wall of Lucy Wu.

They had prepared thoroughly in advance, coming up with a list of things to ask about that ranged from insightful comparisons to other books to funny personal questions about the writer herself.

The wonderful thing about the Skype video call was that we were able to sit here on campus and visit with an author sitting in her livingroom thousands of miles away! We've been enjoying meeting to talk about the book - but nothing beats an actual, personal conversation with the author. It was inspiring for the students to get to hear details about how and why she created various characters and where her inspiration for the story came from - and for them to share their own personal responses about ways in which the book touched them.

If you'd like to explore more fantastic middle grade fiction, check out this great blog that Wendy Shang contributes to!

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