Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stump the Librarian and win a gift card!

Are you a Vista student? Do you want a chance at winning a bookstore gift card? Just enter the Stump the Librarian contest running now through May 2012!

To enter, current Vista students need to submit a reference question* to Ms. Simeon. The goal is to try to come up with something clever and tricky enough to stump her! Ms. Simeon will use print and online resources to try to answer each question.


• At the end of each month from March-May 2012, one student will be chosen to receive a $15 University Book Store gift card
• There will be one winner chosen per month
• One entry per month per Vista student
• Entries must be submitted to the VistaReads wiki AND signed with your real name (if you are not a member, contact Ms. Simeon to be added)
• Questions and answers will be printed and posted on the bulletin board in the library
• Questions must be the original and independent work of the student
• Entries will be judged for creativity and originality (harder and more obscure is not necessarily better than simple but displaying a fresh and thought-provoking perspective!)
• If Ms. Simeon cannot choose between two or more highly qualified entries, she will enlist the help of Vista teachers
• All entries must have a real answer (i.e. “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” is not permissible because it is not the original work of the student and there is no definitive, factual answer

*A reference question is a question a patron asks a librarian about any type of knowledge they are seeking. Here are some examples of real life reference questions:

• Why are our pointy teeth called “eye teeth”?
• Can worms smell?
• Who is the best-selling children’s author of all time?
• Do eagles have tongues?


Julia A. 5th grade said...

My question is: What is the answer to the E8 Structure?

I've ALWAYS wanted to know!

Emerson Jones said...

How do you measure the atomic mass of an atom without knowing how much the protons and neutrons weigh?