Thursday, June 13, 2013

5th graders' video book trailers!

Inspired by Julie Hembree, a local school librarian who shares wonderful information on her blog, I challenged our 5th graders to create video book trailers! In addition to inspiring their fellow students to read, they learned about searching via Creative Commons for images that are licensed for reuse (or creating their own), and thinking critically about what makes a book trailer memorable and enticing (how to select images, music and an Animoto template that evoke the essence of the book, include the right amount of text and say just enough to intrigue the viewer).

I was so impressed by the results - here are just a few to watch and enjoy!

Revenge of the Babysat

Summer of the Mariposas



Samantha Vamos said...

I know Julie! She's fantastic! Aren't her video trailers a great idea?

Samantha Vamos said...

Ah, the trailers are wonderful!

Laura Simeon said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them - they seemed to have a lot of fun making them! That's great you know Julie - small world... Her site is fantastic!

Julie Hembree said...

I love the trailers your students made! Animoto is such a powerful website. Everything comes out so professional looking!
I'm looking forward to the summer because I want to make a couple trailer myself!
Happy Reading this summer!

Laura Simeon said...

Thanks, Julie! I know, I was thinking I'd love to try my hand at making a few too... Enjoy your summer break!