Friday, June 7, 2013

Your life in six words...

Last year, 4th graders had so much fun writing their six-word memoirs that their work made it into SMITH Magazine's blog as Classroom of the Week!
This year I'd like to share a few new ones that especially tickled, moved or impressed me:

Fortune’s in you, not a cookie – Adam
Purple porcupines sing to my soul – Katherine
Dreams, I need them to live – Lily
There isn’t one key to success – Lucas
The wild unravels in my soul – Manami
Boys can like stuffed seals too – Nate
Snow under my feet, I’m good – Olivia
Amazing how much you can evoke with only six words, isn't it? What would your six-word memoir be?


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Samantha Vamos said...

That is terrific, Laura. Love the piece. Congratulations.