Monday, June 3, 2013

It's spring and poetry is in the air!

National Poetry Month was in April, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end! Last week in 4th grade library classes students created book spine poems. The results were wildly creative and I've shared a few below - scroll down to check them out!

I'm also always interested in what my lunch recess visitors get up to; we've had everything from meetings of the Hamster Club to diligent, self-motivated efforts with homework to kids just relaxing with a good book or magazine. Last week two 4th graders stopped by, and by the time recess was over had written poems that were too good not to share.

Test by Sydney

I am going to ace this test.
Why? Because I am the best.
I'm really good at difficult math;
I'm the bst in mi clas at spllinge.
Can't you plainly see?
I've memorized geography
from Atlantis to Candyland.
I know how to read music
'cause I'm in our band.
I know how to use call numbers;
think of the book and it's there.
I know a lot of science;
like H20 makes up air.
I am going to
ace this test.
I got an F for Fantastic
now I KNOW that I'm best.

Untitled by Sofia

Never, ever chew gum
in your math class,
the teacher will find out
and it will be in the trash.

For I know for sure,
and you should too,
that the teacher will glance up
every time you chew.

She will be suspicious
and before you can spit it out,
your teacher will start
to scream and shout.

So here is
the number one rule,
never, ever
chew gum in school.

And, finally, some fabulous book spine poems!

Every Friday
I am NOT Going to Get up Today!
Double Trouble
And Tango Makes Three
Weirdos from Another Planet
Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
10 Little Rubber Ducks

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